Church of the Good Shepherd 515 Queen Street Wilmington NC 28401

Welcome to Church of the Good Shepherd

Welcome to Church of the Good Shepherd

Welcome to Church of the Good ShepherdWelcome to Church of the Good Shepherd

All are Welcome!


The Church of the Good Shepherd is a relaxed, welcoming church family following a traditional Episcopal worship service.  We embrace people from different backgrounds and paths with a spirit of love and respect regardless of age, race, ethnicity, culture, gender identity, sexual orientation, or socio-economic condition.

The Episcopal approach to scripture honors both traditional and modern bible scholarship. Our faith is described as a three legged stool supported by tradition, scripture and reason.  All are welcome to join us to discern the valuable truths found in scripture and traditional teachings.  

 We look forward to meeting you soon!

Be Part of the Family

"People are really friendly here." - Carl King 

"Our family at the corner of 6th and Queen Streets is close knit, with open arms for new members. We celebrate diversity, in a unified spirit of laughter and joy." -   Elise Rocks 

"The love and acceptance I've felt at Good Shepherd Church have been a comforting source of strength for many years." -  JoAnne Silvia.

"How welcoming and friendly this church is! That is why I started coming, and continue to come, to Good Shepherd."  - Jinny